Water Rights Campaign

About us

Who we are

We are 14 Palestinian youth activists, mainly from the Northern Jordan Valley and Masafer Yatta, we aim to gain solidarity to change the fact that we are living in water apartheid, follow us, share our stories and help us reach the world with our voices.


Vission and mission


Palestinian communities in Area C have free access to water without colonial restrictions.


• Exposing (water) right violations in Area C (specifically in the Jordan Valley and Southern Hebron Hills) and the constant threats residents of these areas are exposed to on a daily basis. • Explaining water apartheid, used by the Israeli occupation forces as a tool for displacement and its connectivity to theft of resources (water, agricultural land, minerals) through settlement expansions and acquiring territory by force in violation of international law. • Advocating for the residents of Area C, to have access to the amount of water needed in accordance with international water law (water equity). • Raising awareness among (new) international audiences and networks on the fundamental issue of water in Area C, as well as in the broader Palestinian context. • Presenting concrete actions governments can take to fulfil Palestinian water rights and bringing an immediate end to Israeli water theft.


-Promoting equality and combating discrimination.

- Justice

-Integrity and transparency